Infertility Buddy

I’ve got a good boss. Despite both having been my peer at one time and being younger than me she’s still a good boss. As bosses go I could have done a lot of worse. What makes me appreciate her more is her infertility. She is about my wife’s age and like my wife she has PCOS. You couldn’t tell it by looking her. She has no tell-tale signs. There is no masculine weight distribution and no excessive body hair (that I’ve ever seen). She and I have had long discussions about her struggle and our struggle. She knows the emotional toll infertility takes.

She’s pregnant now. Good for her.

Her pregnancy, I think, was one of the things that has prompted me to get our asses going with having children. I knew she and her husband had been trying. If I am being completely honest when she revealed to us at work that she was pregnant I had very mixed feelings. Part of me was genuinely happy. Part of me was jealous. Part of me was sad. Very very sad. Not only did this woman who was younger than me and beat me out for a promotion but she also got the one thing that made me feel… least equal with her. I was also sad because I lost my
“infertility buddy”. The one person at work who shared my pain.

To say she’s the only reason is a load of malarkey. To say she might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back might be closer to the truth.

The good news is we got a referral to a great fertility clinic. I checked their website and sure enough they hold a monthly seminar for new patients. I thought, terrific, this will get us jump started.


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