Dreaded Two Week Wait

We’re at it again. We’re in the dreaded two week wait. Some moments I forget that we’re waiting to see if we’re finally a family. Other times the thought of ten more days is terrifying. We were supposed to be doing an egg retrieval on Wednesday for our IVF. Not so. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch. OK, that’s a fertility joke. OK, maybe not the funniest one.

It really did boil down to eggs for us. Wow! I’m batting a 1000 with these puns. Ok, think. Try to get back on track. I think I’m OK now.

We were scheduled for an IVF. We paid the amazingly insane costs for all the medicines (Did I mention over $1600?). Then less than a week before we were supposed to do the egg retrieval we got bad news. Her eggs weren’t maturing at the same rate. She had one really mature eggs and several eggs that weren’t quite there.  What does that mean? No IVF (this month).

The doctor told us that it wasn’t quite worth it to do an entire egg retrieval for a single egg. Since the majority of the cost and the biggest surgical part of IVF is the retrieval. One egg = no go. Technically the could do it but the odds are in our favor if we wait until they can get multiple eggs. So that means we’re doing yet another round of IUI. This will be our fifth.

We do have slightly better odds this time though than our past IUI’s. Since we got and initially started the medications for the IVF the chances of success go up significantly.

We actually used the IVF trigger to cause the ovulation. This meant a shot in the butt this time. I’ve given my wife plenty of shots in the stomach before (we’re experts after five IUI’s) but giving her a shot in the ass (boyish giggle) was something new. What made things more complicated was that my wife was working late the night we were supposed to give her the trigger. As usual I waited until the last minute before leaving the house meaning I was scrambling to watch and rewatch the training videos and take notes before heading to her work. Luckily she’s got a great boss who agreed to let her use one of the executive offices to get the shot. Her boss doesn’t know thew full details of what we’re doing only that I need to give her a shot.

Yeah so we get to use HR’s office. I can actually say I got to pull down my wife’s pants in a Human Resources office of a major retail company and gave her a shot if the ass.

What a day.



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