Yeah for Puking!

My wife texted me yesterday with “I puked! yeah!!!”. If that sounds odd its because her after years of struggling with infertility and having survived a miscarriage it really is a good sign. It means her symptoms are getting stronger. She has had waves of nausea but yesterday was the first day she actually threw up. She is excited about it because last time, during the miscarriage pregnancy, her symptoms were minimal. The throwing up, hopefully, means the pregnancy is stronger this time.

We want to make sure we have an attitude of gratitude. When people who haven’t struggled with infertility complain about their pregnancy symptoms or their kids they don’t always realize that some people would give almost anything to experience that stuff. It’s not their fault. They have a right to complain. They just don’t understand.

Last night we went to World Market to get plenty of ginger chews to help with the nausea. We also got Nyakers pepparkakor. They are Swedish ginger cookies. For my money the best ginger cookies in the world. My wife grew up eating ginger and ginger cookies as a snack. She’s from Norway. We also giddily looked at things that might be good for the nursery. Oh my God, we’re going to have a nursery. That sounds so weird to say aloud. You know it’s been 9 days since we tested positive and there hasn’t been a day (and nearly an hour) that has passed that we haven’t both looked at each other and said “I can’t believe it!”

My long run yesterday was stellar. I used the Cliff Shot Blocks and made sure to get the caffeinated ones this time. In my post the other day I mentioned I wasn’t sure if the energy chews were working. Well I definitely felt the difference yesterday. It helped too that it was a cool 64 degrees, clear as a bell, and low humidity. The best part of all, other runners. Normally on my Saturday long runs I might pass 2-4 other runners. Yesterday one of the subdivisions must have been organizing some kind of community run because about a mile out from my turnaround a waterfall of runners can pouring out of a subdivision. Big, small, young, old, there was a little of everything. I LOVE running when there other runners. That’s why I love races so much. I love seeing there faces, I love seeing the effort, I love feeling that connection and bond to them. I especially love seeing the beginners. I love living vicariously through them and remembering those first miles and that sense of accomplishment when they transition from sedentary to active. I can’t count the number of times I looked in the mirror beaming and said “I did it. I ran today.” When I see someone who is starting to get active I get to feel that all over again. That’s why I love beginners (and running in general).


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