My Bouncing Black Bag

Oh joy, oh joy! God has blessed my wife and with a black sack. A black sack high in my wife’s uterus. A black sack high in my wife’s uterus with a white line around it! Yeah!!!

I don’t mean that sarcastically. I’m completely serious. We went for our first sonogram this week. We were both thrilled with the results. I had a very long post all about the visit written while I was in the waiting room but somebody doesn’t have wifi in their office so unfortunately I lost the whole thing.

My wife went back to the exam room first and I got called in afterwards. She promised she would call me if they did a sonogram. When I came into the room it was darkened, my wife was on the exam table, the nurse and the doctor smiled as I entered. “Welcome” the doctor said. My suave response? “Welcome.” Yeah, apparently I was nervous.

“What we have is a baby in the uterus” says the doctor with a long pause. “IS THAT GOOD?!?!?! For Pete’s sake is that good?! Please tell me!” thinks I. I’m just a little gun shy after years of hearing stories of my wife’s online friends who’ve had atopic pregnancies or incompetent cervixes. Luckily everything is just perfect. My baby is a little black sack about a half inch long. It even has a little white line around it which the doctor said was a good thing. I’ll take his word for it. We couldn’t be happier. Both of us were completely ecstatic. I was so excited that even as a middle aged man I read an entire issue of FitPregnancy from cover to cover. I’m pretty excited if you can’t tell. So all is right with the world.

On a running note things are just as good. This morning I ditched the timed running and decided to just do 3 miles to see if I’m getting as slow as I feel when I do a time based run. I’m not. To the contrary, I was within 30 seconds of my 5k PR. That’s amazing for several reasons. One, I run a very very hilly course from my home. I know if I were to get out on a flat course I could bust that old PR right in the teeth. Two, it didn’t feel even remotely close to being that close to my PR. Yes, I felt like I was pushing but not anywhere close to the effort I thought I would have to expend to get that close to my PR.

An awesome run and a baby in my wife’s uterus. Does life get any better?


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