Baby’s Favorite

It’s natural. It’s normal. It’s a phase. Mommy’s the constant and Daddy comes and goes. He just accepts Mommy is always there.

My wife knows these things. We’ve talked openly about them. She’s just ready for the phase to be over. My son is currently obsessed with me. I go to work and he gets hysterical. I take the dog out and he gets hysterical. I go to another room and he gets hysterical. I come home and he crawls and claws over his Mom to get to me. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

It’s a tremendous boost to my ego but it makes my heart break for my wife. She’s sacrificed her career and devoted herself to him fully by deciding to stay home with him. All she wants is a little recognition from the boy. I would love to give her some of his adoration. She is the one who feeds him, changes him, rocks him o sleep, stays up with him overnight when Daddy has to go to sleep….she does it all.

She does get adoration but in a very different way. I saw this on Saturday when he was sitting up from a feeding and they made eye contact with each other and their noses were almost touching. They were “talking”, mimicking each other, and giggling. He doesn’t do that with me. I don’t get that intimacy and that quiet calm communication. I get the squeals and gestures for another round of “bouncy” or “chase the dog”. I may be the amusement park ride but she gets to be the trusted snuggle bunny he shares his quiet moments with. She deserves it and she’s earned it.

The Boy has learned to initiate peek-a-boo and it’s adorable. We’ve been playing and enjoying peek-a-boo for several weeks but now he’s figured out how to lift the blanket (at least somewhat) over his face and pull it away quickly. If I blow out my vocal chords I know the last words will likely be “peek-a-boo”!!!!


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