Baby Likes…

One of the things my wife have tried to be very intentional about is the kind of foods we give our boy to taste. In this day and age of childhood obesity we want to make sure we give him a healthy relationship to food and that includes being able (and willing) to eat alternatives to fast food and processed foods.

Sure chicken nuggets are fast and easy in a pinch but they shouldn’t be the cornerstone of his diet. We believe the more he’s exposed to at and earlier age (hopefully) the less picky he’ll be later in life.

Oh and by the way it’s really fun too. Watching his reactions to different foods and learning what he does and doesn’t like is almost as much fun as the eating the food ourselves.

We’ve been at least somewhat careful about pediatric guidelines regarding what to give him at what age. We’ve also tried to give most things in moderation if there was at least a component he may not be ready for yet.

I feel lucky that my wife is herself somewhat adventurous and diverse when it comes to food. One of my regrets about my own childhood is that with a mother from the Deep South and a father from Iowa my own childhood diet was pretty meat and potatoes. I never had a single bite of even an egg roll until I was a senior in high school.

So far we’ve learned the Boy likes hummus, red pepper hummus, chicken enchiladas, pork roast, samosas, Indian potatoes, vegetable lo mein, Indian cauliflower, refried beans, watermelon, chickpeas, garbanzo beans, lentils, Thai rice noodles, Havarti cheese, roasted red pepper and tomato soup, sweet potatoes, and in fact every form and version of potato ever made. He’s had a wider range of culinary exposure in his first 11 months than I did in my first 18 years. Keep in mind too, please, a lot of things were given in very small moderation. We didn’t, for example, just give him an entire bowl of refried beans. A few bites just to gauge his interest.

If you have little ones of your own I would strongly encourage you to give your child a little taste of everything. is a great resource to help decide what flavor to introduce your young one.


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