Hugging and Kissing Mommy

Tonight when the Wife was putting the Boy to bed he said “Daddy Kissing and hugging Mommy.”

I hope he sees that every day. I hope he sees affection between my wife and I and that we’re not two sexless mannequins to him. My parents were never romantic, never openly affectionate, and probably never really in love. At least not my Mom.

I want my son to know that women do crave different things. They need something more than the pragmatism of a man. They need to be desired. They need to be complimented. Frequently and spontaneously. Certainly not only after she’s asked you how she looks. One of the compliments my wife cherishes most was one time when we were in a rush when I came to work to make another commitment and when she opened the door when I came home all I had said was “Wow! You look very put together.”

Not really that huge of a compliment but it was genuine and it was spontaneous. She still brings that up long after. There is something in women that still needs to be flattered. Make sure you nurture it.


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